Self Pay

This is an option for those who choose not to use their health insurance for care or those that use an insurance company other then UHC or Medical Mutual.  Our self pay price is a  flat rate that includes any necessary examination (1st visit) and treatment provided for your injury or ailment. Our first visit is $15 more than subsequent visits, but this includes an individualized exam for you specific condition. Please call or email our office for further price inquires. 

Insurance Coverage


Accepted Insurance


We accept both United Healthcare and Medical Mutual Insurance.  If you are covered, we will provide you with a breakdown of your benefits so you know what payments you will be responsible for in the future.

*Please check your plan coverage before your first visit. Thank you!

Alternative Insurance


If Medical Mutual or United Healthcare is not your insurance provider, we will supply you with a document called a Super Bill. A Super Bill will have all the required information to be used to submit to your insurance provider for “out-of-network coverage.”  If you decided to submit to your insurance with a superbill, you will be responsible for all payments at the time of visit and your insurance provider will reimburse you at a later date depending on your plan’s allotted amount of chiropractic coverage. 


motor vehicle accident

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are seeking treatment, we can bill the insurance of either you or the other driver, depending on who was at fault.  Both doctors have extensive experience treating individuals after automobile accidents.  We are happy to help you understand how it works and help you understand your claim before starting care.  If you are hurt following an automobile accident, it is important to open your claim ASAP as it makes it harder to get treatment covered through insurance as more time passes.  Call for any questions regarding your automobile accident!