Who We Treat




From the first visit to our office to the end of a treatment plan we strive to help our patients achieve whatever physical and health related goals they may have. Whether you are a triathlete training for your upcoming race or you are trying to get back to a physical activity routine one walk around the block at a time, we will be here to help you achieve your goals. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and it is our mission to keep each and everyone of our Columbus athletes injury free and feeling good so they can keep on moving!




The care we provide can help ease the aches and pains associated with the growth spurts of children and the growth of a new mom’s baby bump.  Injuries in young children are commonly overlooked because they bounce back from pain so quickly. Unfortunately, these same injuries can lead to joint damage that may affect a child's development and performance in the future. At CSSC, we treat muscle and joint injuries in children of all ages to restore proper function for performance now and in the future.

Pregnancy can be an exciting and frustrating time for a new mom.  The growth of their baby can lead to new aches and pains a woman has not experienced before.  Our treatment at CSSC helps ease this pain through pregnancy in a safe, natural, and baby friendly way.




At CSSC our care assists in the management of muscular and joint related changes that occur as we age. These changes can lead to reduced range of motion and decreased joint function, which can lead to increased pain levels. With our help these changes and their related symptoms can be managed to help you stay moving!




Both doctors at CSSC have experience working with personal injury and worker’s compensation patients.  Not only do we examine and treat your injuries,  but we advise you on the proper steps to take after your accident occurs.  A letter of protection is accepted in the case that an attorney is handling your case.  Call for a free consultation.  

Symptoms of whiplash often do not appear for weeks to months after the date of an accident.  Waiting too long to be treated increases the chances that an acute injury will become chronic.  


Common symptoms of whiplash

Stiffness and/or pain in the muscles and joints, decreased range of motion, muscle spasms, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, numbness in the hands or feet, shooting or burning sensations, abdominal pain, chest pain, loss of sleep, etc.  Any part of the body, including but not limited to the head, neck, back, shoulder, arms, and legs can be affected by whiplash.