Everything You Need to Know About Active Release Technique

For more than 30 years, healthcare providers have been utilizing Active Release Technique (ART) to treat patients experiencing pain and other symptoms caused by injury or damage. Active Release Technique works to treat the body’s soft tissue disorders by combining manipulation and movement.

This technique was discovered by Dr. P. Michael Leahy over 30 years ago. After studying engineering in the Air Force, Dr. Leahy became a chiropractor in 1984 and realized he could utilize his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to treat athletes’ soft tissue disorders in a different, more effective way to get them back in the competition as quickly as possible.

Today, the ART method has been patented and has transformed the lives of over 100 million people worldwide.

At CSSC, the Active Release Technique is commonly used by Dr. Kyle and Dr. Anna who use the technique to get patients back into the game right away..

How ART Works

The process of Active Release Technique works by breaking up adhesions, which is a collection of scar tissue that forms when muscles and connective tissues are injured. This occurs, when the scar tissue binds between your muscles, limiting flexibility, which causes pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

However, sometimes the adhesions can also entrap nerves. In this case, ART breaks up the adhesions leaving your muscles, joints and nerves moving freely again.

Before treatment begins, Dr. Anna or Dr. Kyle will begin by identifying the location of the scar tissue. They will then use ART therapy to isolate and target the area, manipulating it to break up the scar tissue and restores proper blood flow so the rea can heal. Active Release Technique requires no machines or tools.

Pains and Conditions That Can Be Treated With ART

ART can be used to treat pain and other symptoms caused by injury or damage to:

  • Fascia - the fibrous connective tissue that protects and supports muscles and organs throughout your body.

  • Major muscle groups in your body including your shoulders, back, glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings.

  • Tendons and ligaments, that connect bone to bone.

Conditions that can be treated with ART are:

  • lower back pain

  • chronic neck pain

  • tension headaches

  • shoulder strains, including frozen shoulder

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • shin splints

  • sciatic nerve pain

  • plantar fasciitis

  • bursitis

  • tennis elbow

If you are experiencing any of the following signs, you contact us to see if ART can help you:

  • stiffness in your neck, elbow, hands, knees, or back

  • increased pain when exercising

  • sharp pain in the bottom of your foot near the heel

  • pain, numbness, and tingling in your fingers

  • reduced flexibility and limited range of motion

  • decreased strength

  • inflamed joints

  • tingling, numbness, or weakness

Benefits of Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique offers many benefits to patients suffering from pain or other symptoms caused by soft tissues injuries from sports, overuse, or serious trauma.

Benefits commonly seen after receiving ART treatment include:

  • increased flexibility

  • increased range of motion

  • decreased lower back pain

  • improved chronic neck pain

  • relief of tension headaches

  • management of carpal tunnel

  • management of shin splints

  • management of plantar fasciitis

  • management of tennis elbow

  • improvement of sciatic symptoms

Treatment at CSSC is completely hands on and patient centered. The goal during our ART treatment sessions is to focus on breaking up any adhesions and to restore your range of motion and decrease your pain. By breaking up scar tissue, muscles and joints are able to glide and move freely again without pain and stiffness. Some patients may experience results right away, while others may need more than one treatment session.

ART has been an effective treatment for countless people over the last 30 years who have experienced injuries of the soft tissues. It can help relieve pain and stiffness and help restore your range of motion so you can return to the field in no time.

To learn more about ART or to schedule an appointment, please visit https://www.columbusspineandsport.com or email info@cbuschiro.com.