When I introduce myself as a chiropractor, I always use the word “sports” in front of it.  In a market that is saturated with chiropractors, it is important to distinguish yourself.  Unfortunately, a lot of chiropractors use the word “sport” to describe what kind of chiropractor they are, and too often the story doesn’t match the headlines.  When asked, I'll elaborate on what I do as a "sports chiropractor."  

Saying you are going to a chiropractor is like saying you are going to a restaurant.  I am referring to the broad sense of the term.  Different restaurants have different menus.  They may be similar and they may be completely different.  Even if the menu is similar, presentation is different, taste is different, service level is different, atmosphere is different, staff is different, quality is different, quantity is different, cost is different. 

With chiropractic, there are so many different philosophies, treatment tools, and business models associated that it is really hard to find what you are looking for within the field unless you understand that these differences exist. 

I have shadowed, interned, and worked in different offices leading up to my partner and I opening Columbus Spine and Sport Center.  I understand differences exist.  I’m not saying that I understand each different type of treatment approach to tell you whether or not it is wrong or right for you.  As healthcare professionals, sports focused or not, we should all have the goal of helping you as the patient reach your healthcare goals to the best of our ability with what we have learned in our studies and experiences. 

The most important part of all of this is that YOU the PATIENT are ultimately in control of your treatment.  I urge you to do your research before going somewhere for care because all chiropractors are not created equal! 

**More on this topic in blogs to come**