Rehab and Range of Motion Spotlight #2: Serratus Anterior Activation and Strengthening

Today our spotlight is on serratus anterior activation and strengthening.  This muscle originates on the upper ribs and attaches to the medial (midline) border of the shoulder blade.


The serratus is often an overlooked muscle when it comes to neck, upper back and shoulder injuries.  This muscle is a stabilizer of the shoulder blade while it performs upper extremity motions.  Some common actions of this muscle are pushing an object away from you, punching, or performing a pushup.  One of the main movements it assists with is the upward rotation of the shoulder blade at you raise your arm to the side.  This is important in the prevention and treatment of shoulder injuries like impingement and tendonitis.


Check out the video below for an exercise to target this muscle. We like this exercise because it helps you activate the muscle and stabilize the shoulder blade while you perform an accessory motion.  See the text below the video for our suggestions on frequency.