A Pain in the Rear: High Hamstring Tendinitis


We deal with this injury often in the office, and it can be difficult to treat. It takes the patient's understanding and willingness to "give in" a little bit when it comes to their hamstring health. We always do everything we can to keep our patients moving, but unfortunately sometimes an injury involves taking a step back to focus on rehab and coming back even stronger! 

"The purpose of the initial phase of the treatment process is focused on cross-training and general hip and leg strengthening (quad, calf, gluteal muscles, hip abductor). Special care should be taken early in the reconditioning process to avoid too much stress on the healing tendon. Direct hamstring work, as with a hamstring curl machine, can be aggravating to the tendon and should be avoided at this stage. Direct hamstring stretching should also be avoided or done cautiously to prevent overstretching an inflamed sciatic nerve or hamstring tendon."