Rehab and Range of Motion Spotlight #3: "Numbers on a Clock" Hip Range of Motion

Today our spotlight is on a move that highlights an important relationship in the lower body, hip tightness and glute activation. All too often when a patient presents with hip issues, they have a lack of glute activation or they are firing the glute at the wrong time. This allows the hip flexor to be over dominant and leads to range of motion issues and possible injury.


Many times we have explained a tight muscle as the outcome of another muscle not doing its job well enough. Our hip joint is caught in a constant "tug-of-war" between flexor/extensors (front and back) and abductor/adductors (inner and outer) of the hip.  In a tug-of-war, if you don't pull back the other side will quickly win.  With tight hips we can easily stretch the hip flexor all day, but if we do not activate or "pull back" with glute activation the hips will always be tight.


The "Numbers on a Clock" Hip Range of Motion exercise combines mobility of the hip in multiple ranges of motion while encouraging glute activation.  We like to combine this exercise with other glute rehab like glute bridges and monster walks. Check of the video below: