Weight rooms and running paths…Do they mix?

Absolutely! Research has shown that weaknesses or imbalances in the hip  (ie. the abductor, adductor, and flexor muscle groups) can lead to overuse injuries in running athletes. These imbalances will affect the rest of the lower extremity and can manifest in overuse injuries like IT band syndrome, runners knee and other forms on tendonitis.

Having the movement patterns of your main stabilizing muscles functionally assessed can help to determine what muscles need activated or strengthened. Then a simple set of hip strengthening exercises can be added to your training routine to help treat or prevent overuse injuries. This way you can keeping doing what you love…RUNNING!

“Although no cause-and-effect relationship has been established, this is the first study to show an association between hip abductor, adductor, and flexor muscle group strength imbalance and lower extremity overuse injuries in runners. Because most running injuries are multifaceted in nature, areas secondary to the site of pain, such as hip muscle groups exhibiting strength imbalances, must also be considered to gain favorable outcomes for injured runners. The addition of strengthening exercises to specifically identified weak hip muscles may offer better treatment results in patients with running injuries.”

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