Work on your glute activation!

"Pain developers demonstrated a ‘top-down’ muscle recruitment strategy with lumbar extensors activated prior to gluteus maximus, while non-pain developers demonstrated a typical ‘bottom-up’ muscle recruitment strategy with gluteus maximus activated prior to lumbar extensors."

This is an excerpt taken from Altered muscle recruitment during extension from trunk flexion in low back pain developers by Erika Nelson-Wong et al.  Volume 12, Issue 10 of Clinical Biomechanics Dec. 2012.  

With low back pain patients, we discuss the importance of glute activation from the 1st visit on, whether you are bending, lifting, walking, standing from sitting, reaching, going up and down stairs, etc.  Think about how often you do any of these motions throughout the day.. Although they may not individually seem forceful enough to cause low back problems, think about how each individual motion is repeated throughout the day every single day for your whole life!  

Save your back by performing glute activation and strengthening exercises!