Don’t Get “Trapped” Working the Wrong Muscle!

This month we will be talking about an important muscle that is often forgotten and underused…The lower trapezius.  In a society that is always focused on what is going on in front of us (computers, cell phones, life in general) we tend to forget about working our postural muscles.

An important muscle that aides in proper posture, shoulder motion and spine mechanics is the lower trapezius.  This muscle helps to stabilize the shoulder blade to prevent things like neck tension and shoulder injuries like tendonitis and impingement. These are often lingering issues that are hard to treat without attention being given to the lower trapezius muscle.

Thankfully the gym is a great place to work this muscle, but often times people are not properly targeting the lower traps.  Instead, the exercises that are being performed are working the already overactive upper and middle traps and rhomboid muscles.

Lower Trap Activation

1. Position your feet hip-width apart and relax your upperand middle traps (the area where your neck and upper back meet.)

2. As you perform the rowing motion with resistance bands or a cable machine, feel you lower traps activate by pulling your shoulder blades down and in towards midline.

3. When activated properly, you should feel this near the bottom of your shoulder blade.

4. Repeat 10x and perform 2-3 sets a few days a week.